Our Diamonds

As fine jewellers, we have developed relationships with diamond and gemstone dealers over the decades, which means we can source the finest diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and gems for the best price.

We carry a selection of diamonds and gemstones in our showroom and can source whatever size and shape you want for your bespoke jewellery piece.

Lab Grown Diamonds and Gemstones available to buy in Auckland New Zealand

Natural Diamonds

Diamonds are crystalline structures made from a solid form of carbon, compressed by the earth’s pressure over time. Natural diamonds are unique and precious. A miracle of nature crafted over millions of years, a finite resource. Earth no longer creates them, so they grow rarer by the day.

Our Diamonds are sourced according to strict guidelines from a ethical supply chain in alignment with The Kimberley Process & the Rapaport Pledge.

Loose Diamonds available for purchase at Meaden Master Jewellers Auckland NZ

Socially Responsible

We pride ourselves on sustainable, ethical, and fair trade practices. In line with the international diamond industry, we do not support conflict (blood) diamonds. We ensure all our diamonds go through measures implemented by the Kimberley Process (which traces diamonds from mine to market) to counter the trade of illegal diamonds.

Diamonds and Gemstone for Custom Design Engagement Rings at Meaden Master Jewellers Auckland NZ

Only the Finest Gems

Our trusted international contacts and collaborative relationships over 40 years enable us to source the finest diamonds and gemstones at the best price.

The 4C's

The official rating of a diamond is by the Gemological Institute of America 4C system.

Diamond quality is determined based on the 4C system: colour, cut, clarity and carat, which defines rarity and value in a simple format.

Round Brilliant Diamond for Engagement Ring Design at Meaden Showroom Auckland

Finding a special stone

Although diamonds are the traditional choice to represent everlasting love, every gem has personality, fire, and meaning.

Visit us for expert guidance on choosing a stone that will fit your budget and your happily ever after love story!