The World of Diamond Shapes: The Ultimate Guide

The World of Diamond Shapes: The Ultimate Guide

Unlock the secrets of diamond cuts and find the perfect shape to match your style. From the classic round brilliant to the modern radiant, discover the unique beauty of each cut.

Diamonds, the epitome of timeless beauty and the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, come in an array of captivating cuts, each with unique charm and characteristics. From the classic allure of the round brilliant cut to the modern elegance of the radiant cut, understanding the intricacies of each diamond shape can enhance the appreciation of these precious gems. Join us as we delve into the most popular diamond cuts, exploring their shapes, facets, and the unique qualities that make each one stand out.

Round Brilliant Cut: The Quintessential Diamond

The round brilliant cut is the most popular and searched diamond shape available today. Renowned for its ability to produce the maximum amount of sparkle and fire, a round brilliant diamond features 58 facets that are precisely cut to maximize light reflection. This cut has set the standard for all other diamond shapes and is favoured for its versatility in various jewellery settings.  If you’re looking for a piece that showcases the beauty of a round brilliant diamond, our Katrina Round Brilliant Solitaire Ring, with its round brilliant central stone and diamond pave band or Octavia Round Brilliant Diamond Solitaire with a sparkling halo of round brilliant diamonds, are the perfect choice.  If you’re aiming to incorporate round diamonds in your everyday styling, look to the Emmy Round Solitaire Diamond Ring

Oval Cut: The Elegant Elongation

The oval cut diamond is an elongated version of the round brilliant and is known for its ability to elongate and slenderize the finger. With 56 to 58 facets, it shares a similar brilliance to the round cut but offers a more unique silhouette. The oval cut's elongated shape also has the added advantage of appearing larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight.  With a stunning accentuating halo or shining diamond band, the Zara Oval Diamond Halo Ring and the Quinn Oval Diamond Solitaire are testaments to the oval’s brilliance.

Emerald Cut: The Hall of Mirrors

Characterized by its step cuts and a large, open table, the emerald cut diamond offers a different type of beauty compared to the brilliant cuts. This rectangular cut, with its trimmed corners, creates a hall-of-mirrors effect, showcasing the diamond's clarity, depth, and subtle flashes of light. Typically, emerald cuts have fewer facets (57), which demand higher standards of clarity. 

These stunning facets can be seen in the Emeraude Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. With its Art Deco-inspired design and linear diamond facets this timeless treasure is something to behold.  

Radiant Cut: The Brilliant Hybrid

The radiant cut diamond is a stunning hybrid of the traditional round and the elegant emerald cut, featuring a total of 70 facets that maximize the effect of its colour refractions. With its trimmed corners, the radiant cut combines the classic elegance of the emerald shape with the brilliance of a round cut, making it both a versatile and captivating choice. 

A piece that exemplifies the radiant’s sparkle is the Lara Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring.  The simple claw setting and diamond band are the perfect complement for a radiant centre stone. 

Pear Cut:  Elegance in a Teardrop

Pear cut diamonds, known for their teardrop shape, blend the round and marquise cut's best elements, offering a unique silhouette that stands out. This cut features a rounded base tapering to a fine point, creating a graceful outline that's both elegant and striking. The pear cut's brilliance is highlighted by its 58 facets, which reflect light spectacularly, enhancing the stone's colour and masking any inclusions. Its versatility is unmatched, fitting beautifully in engagement rings, pendants, and earrings, and is often set with the point facing either up or down, according to personal preference.

For a daily incorporation of a sparkling pear diamond, consider the Hazel Petite Diamond Necklace. The pear’s beauty is highlighted with this sleek setting and minimalist design. If you’re looking to include a pear in your engagement piece, consider the Ivy Pear Cut Diamond Solitaire.  The combination of double claw and bezel setting is a unique way to highlight the brilliance of the pear. 

Cushion Cut: Soft Edges, Rich History

Cushion cut diamonds marry old-world charm with modern sophistication, characterized by their rounded corners and larger facets. This cut has evolved from the antique mine cuts, offering a soft, romantic glow that's reminiscent of vintage elegance. The cushion cut is adaptable in its shape, ranging from square to rectangular, allowing for a tailored look that suits individual styles. Its faceting style varies from the classic "chunky" look to a more modern "crushed ice" appearance, each providing a distinct sparkle that celebrates the diamond's natural beauty.

The beauty of a cushion cut diamond is illustrated in the Renata Diamond Halo Solitaire Ring, with sunning double claws in rose gold and accenting 34 round brilliant cut diamonds.  If you’re looking to incorporate smaller cushion cut diamonds consider the Poppy Diamond Half Eternity Band.  Handcrafted with 5 cushion cut diamonds this ring pairs perfectly with your existing wedding set or worn on its own. 

Triangle Cut: The Brilliant Trillion

Also known as "trillion" or "trilliant" cut, the triangle diamond cut is a spectacular shape with three equal sides that can either be curved or straight. This cut is typically used for side stones but can also make a stunning centre stone for those desiring a non-traditional look. The triangle cut is known for its brilliant fire and can have between 31 to 50 facets, depending on whether it's a curved or straight version.

Triangle cut diamonds are the side stones of the Trina Trillionaire Diamond Ring. Their glimmering facets are the perfect accompaniment to the Trina Ring’s central cushion cut diamond.

Princess Cut Diamonds: Modern Brilliance

Princess cut diamonds captivate with their contemporary elegance and sharp, clean lines. Characterized by a square shape with pointed corners, this cut is second only to the round brilliant in popularity, especially for engagement rings. Its unique facet arrangement maximizes light dispersion, resulting in a vibrant, sparkling display. The princess cut is a testament to modern cutting techniques, offering a sophisticated alternative to the classic round cut, with its geometric silhouette making it a favourite for those who seek a blend of tradition and modernity.

Princess cuts can be utilised in a myriad of ways, from solitaires to intricate wedding sets, earrings to necklaces; their versatility and modern flair make them suitable for any jewellery piece that aims to combine contemporary style with timeless elegance.  

Marquise Cut Diamonds: Regal Elegance

Marquise cut diamonds boast an elongated shape with pointed ends, reminiscent of a regal ship. This cut's history is steeped in romance and legend, said to be inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour and crafted to reflect her elegance. The marquise cut's distinctive silhouette creates the illusion of greater size, maximizing carat weight and elongating the finger when worn. With its classic and sophisticated appeal, the marquise cut remains a cherished choice for those looking to blend historical richness with personal style.  

The Alice Marquise Diamond Ring is a demonstration of years of Meaden craftsmanship and expertise.  The lustre of the marquise is accented by sleek bezel claws and enhanced by the sparkle of round brilliant diamonds

Asscher Cut: The Vintage Charm

The Asscher cut is a variation of the emerald cut, but it is square rather than rectangular. It features a deep pavilion and high crown that offer a captivating sparkle akin to a hall of mirrors. Developed in 1902 by the Asscher Brothers of Holland, this cut has a vintage appeal and is often associated with Art Deco design. It typically has 58 facets, designed to emphasize clarity over brilliance.

Baguette Cut: The Art Deco Staple

The baguette cut is a step cut similar to the emerald cut but in a long, rectangular shape. Often used as side stones to complement larger centre stones, baguettes have 14 facets and are valued for their clean lines and modern feel, making them a favourite in Art Deco and contemporary designs.

Kite Cut: The Geometric Marvel

Kite-shaped diamonds are a distinctive choice, often used in custom jewellery pieces for those seeking a unique design. The cut resembles a kite or a shield, featuring a pointed top and bottom with elongated sides. This cut can vary in the number of facets but is prized for its geometric appeal and is often used as side stones or in avant-garde settings.

Each diamond shape possesses unique beauty and characteristics, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of the round brilliant, the elongated grace of the oval, the vintage charm of the Asscher, or the modern lines of the emerald, there's a diamond cut that's perfect for every individual and occasion. Understanding the nuances of these cuts can help in selecting a diamond that not only meets your aesthetic preferences but also best suits your style and story.