Jewellery Repairs

Fine Jewellery Repairs in Auckland. Best Jeweller in Auckland. Alterations, resizing, remodeling, plating, restoration, upgrades and laser welding,.

We specialise in fine jewellery repairs and alterations, including resizing, remodelling, plating, restoration, upgrades, and laser welding.

Your jewellery is in safe hands with our team, who provide expert advice, competitive pricing and quick turnaround for most repairs.

Diamond Upgrades

Enhance your engagement ring with a new diamond upgrade! We can help you choose the perfect gemstone and set the diamond in your preferred shape and style to take it to the next level!

Rhodium Plating

Enhance the brilliance of your jewellery with our rhodium plating service. Ideal for white gold, it restores the metal’s bright, shiny finish. For best results, we recommend re-plating every 6-12 months, depending on wear.

Ring Resizing

Is your ring too big or too small? Let us resize it for you. We expertly adjust the size of your ring, whether larger or smaller, using the existing metal to ensure a perfect fit. Timing varies based on our current workload, so please reach out for an appointment.


Transform your inherited treasures into modern masterpieces. Visit our workshop, where our skilled artisans excel in reimagining and refining classic jewellery into luxurious, contemporary designs that reflect your style. Schedule a consultation today and discover the possibilities of bespoke remodelling.


Is your jewellery starting to show its age? At Meaden, we specialise in rejuvenating cherished pieces, ensuring they look as stunning as the day you first wore them. Our comprehensive restoration services range from simple cleaning and polishing to more complex repairs such as stone replacement, gemstone re-cutting, prong repair, bezel repair, and shank replacement.

Trust our skilled artisans to bring your beloved jewellery back to life with meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship. Visit us today to transform your worn pieces into radiant treasures once again.

Need your jewellery repaired?

No matter the repair, our expert team is equipped to fix and restore your jewellery to the highest standard. All repairs are performed in-house at our Auckland CBD workshop, ensuring quality and precision in every service. Visit us for a complimentary jewellery inspection and experience firsthand how we can rejuvenate your cherished items.

Explore our range of repair services online and let us help you maintain the beauty and integrity of your precious jewellery.