Our Ethical Responsibility

We handcraft your vision to the highest quality, where transparency and sustainability really matter. Our in-house team of master jewellers handcraft all your precious jewellery that lasts a lifetime. We are playing our part in the fast-changing and globalised economic environment by ethically sourcing our stones with fair business practices with our hand-picked resources. We believe in upcycling materials as much as possible, refining them back to their pure state where they are of the same quality. Investing in fine jewellery is much better for our planet; fewer end up in landfill, and jewellery can be re-worn or re-modelled.

We are proud of our adherence to socially responsible and highly ethical business practices, as evidenced by our membership and association with the industry's most prestigious organisations, including:

Kimberly Process

The Kimberly Process works with United Nations, governments, & non-governmental organizations to monitor diamond exports and ensure best practices are followed.

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NZ Jewellers Association

The Jewellers & Watchmakers of New Zealand Inc. promotes & fosters Jewellery business and the Jewellery Industry in New Zealand under a code of ethics and conduct.

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New Zealand Made

The trademark signifies that a product or service is New Zealand Made according to the rules of the Fair Trading Act. As a registered trademark, it has a strict set of rules governing how it can be used.

Code Of Practice

Rapaport Pledge

Rapaport Fair Trade is an authority commited to provide education and resource for socially conscious jewelry consumers and members of the Jewelry and Diamond trade.

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We do everything onsite at our Jeweller's Workshop

Visit us and see for yourself. We pride ourselves on complete transparency; this is why many global high-end jewellery brands choose us as their fine jewellery manufacturer.

Repair over Replace

Our team of artisans are the best in the business; aligned with a sustainable mindset, we thrive on upcycling, restoring, repairing and redesigning fine jewellery. Remake or upgrade your stone with us. Your precious items are worth more than their weight in gold!