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Located in Auckland, New Zealand, Meaden Master Jewellers is renowned for its expert craftsmanship in fine, handmade jewellery. Led by Gary Meaden, a master jeweller with over 40 years of experience, our team specializes in bespoke pieces that blend traditional techniques with modern elegance.

Each creation from Meaden Master Jewellers is meticulously crafted, utilizing only the finest materials and gemstones. Whether you’re seeking a unique engagement ring or a custom piece for a special occasion, we are dedicated to bringing your jewellery visions to life with precision and care.

Gary Meaden's journey into the world of fine jewellery began in the footsteps of his father, a master diamond setter. His career took shape at the prestigious Graff Diamonds in Hatton Garden, London, a place renowned for its influence on aspiring jewellers. Here, Gary honed his design skills, refined his taste, and mastered the meticulous attention to detail required to craft exquisite fine jewellery.

Today, Gary is celebrated internationally as an expert in creating luxury bespoke pieces, and his designs are distinguished by their outstanding quality and craftsmanship. At Meaden, Gary continues to bring his passion and expertise to every piece, ensuring that each creation is as remarkable as its wearer.

Design your own ring with a Master Jeweller

Gary: Master Jeweller

Born into a family of jewellers, it was Gary's destiny to become a master jeweller. At 16, he started an apprenticeship at the legendary Graff Diamonds in London. Like his father, Gary started his career specialising in diamond mounting. His reputation for excellent work for celebrities like Dame Vera Lynn, Christopher Biggins, Boyzone, Renault Williams F1 Racing Team, British Airways, and British Caledonian Airways led to commissions from the Georgian Royal Family and the President of Gambia. A visit to New Zealand inspired Gary's lifelong dream to open his own business – Meaden Master Jewellers in the heart of Auckland city.

Sustainable Jewellery Design by a Master Jeweller

Andrew: Master Jeweller

Andrew discovered a passion for jewellery making in his teens. A recreational sailor, crafting jewellery using his hands in such a meticulous, detailed way was grounding after spending time at sea. Forty years later, Andrew still finds freedom in both the ocean and as a Master Jeweller at Meaden.

reset your gems with a master diamond setter

Neil: Master Diamond Setter

Answering an ad as a jeweller's apprentice in Newmarket, Neil heeded the call to the fine jewellery industry, where he found his calling as a gem setter. As a painter, Neil developed a steady hand and sharp eye suitable for the work, adding the pièce de résistance to any item and correcting many ill-fated pieces of work.

Admin lady at Jeweller's workshop open to the public

Amy: Accounts

A connoisseur of all things Italian, paintings, museums, and food, Amy enjoys the charming location of the Meaden showroom, where the cobblestoned Vulcan Lane is a daily reminder of her travels through Europe. Amy's sense of organisation and appreciation of quality keeps the office administration running smoothly and efficiently.

Custom made

Meaden Master Jewellers offer the highest quality jewellery design, CAD drawings, 3D printing, jewellery making, finishing, and impossible repairs.