Bespoke Jewellery Design

Our Bespoke Process

Creating beautiful custom jewellery

Custom jewellery design is the ultimate personalised gift. A bespoke piece designed by you for your loved one is an investment and an heirloom that can be handed down through generations.

A Conversation

Visit our showroom for a no-obligation consultation. Bring your ideas and visual references and let's talk about designing something beautiful together!

Diamond or Gemstone

Bring your own stone or talk to us about sourcing a special gem for you. We have a selection of diamonds and precious gemstones to suit all budgets.

Drawing & Renders

We use traditional methods combined with cutting-edge technology to make your journey easier. CAD drawings, 3D animations, photorealistic renders and resin prototypes are used for design accuracy and to make adjustments for your ring before committing to the final design.

Resin Prototype

We offer resin prototypes to physically try on before the final design is commited. This way you are guaranteed your vision is executed to the exact detail.

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