Embrace Meaden's Heritage Craftsmanship

Meaden Master Jewellers has epitomized the pinnacle of British craftsmanship. Our heritage is a testament to timeless artistry, passed down through generations.

With each meticulously designed and expertly crafted piece, we don't just create jewelry; we immortalize emotions, stories, and dreams.

get inspired to create your

Meaden Heritage Piece

Amphitrite Pear Shaped Aquamarine Halo Ring

Bespoke Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

Phoebe Tanzanite Necklace

Samira Diamond Eternity Ring

A custom designed platinum, five carat diamond engagement ring with six prongs. The ring's band features a smaller diamond pave design.

Bespoke Six-Pronged Engagement Ring

Penelope Blue Diamond Halo Ring

Bespoke Lapis Lazuli Engagement Ring

Hummingbird Cocktail Ring

Evelyn Cushion Diamond Ring

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Our showroom and on-site workshop is located in the Heart of Auckland. Visit us in person or schedule a virtual meeting. We ship world wide.